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Dermal Currett

The curette has a fixed place in instrumentation for derma- tology, diagnostics and treatment and is also one of the most versatile instruments. For this reason it is increasingly being used in other specialties such as plastic surgery or gynaecology, The dermal curette is to aid the removal of a superficial skin abnormality with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

The curette is extremely sharp which ensures precise and gentle tissue removal. Their use in the treatment of malignant tumours is also possible. The cutting power greatly simplifies the task compared to conventional products.

Ribbel Designed The single-sided and extremely sharp cutting edge made from stainless steel enables optimal curettage with soft or identification, weak tissue.
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Ribbel International Limited
REF Size Packing
RIL 402 2,0 mm 10 PCS
RIL 403 3,0 mm 10 PCS
RIL 404 4,0 mm 10 PCS
RIL 405 5,0 mm 10 PCS
RIL 407 7,0 mm 10 PCS
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Post Mortem Knives

Available in heavy duty carbon steel, our post mortem knives are individually V.C.I. paper wrapped. We supply highest quality knives for the ease of the users.

Blade numbers PM 40 & PM 40B are available in heavy duty Carbon Steel. Supplied non Sterile, individually wrapped in a V.C.I. paper. 10 pieces in a box.

Disposable Post-Mortem handles are availabel in blade nos. PM 40 & PM 40B.

BLADE NO. 60 & 70
Available in both carbon & stainless steel supplies sterile & non-sterile in a box of 100 pcs.

Post-Mortem Handle take blade nos. PM 40 & PM 40B, Handle No. 8 fit blade No. 60 & No. 70.
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