Lung Exerciser

  • Made from transparent material.
  • 3 chamber pf 600,900 and 1200 cc/sec inhaling volume.
  • Three colour coded balls for easier identification of inhaled capacity.
  • Light weights easy to carry.
  • Patient sticker.
  • For single patient use.
Intended Use:
Lung exerciser is used for the measurement of inspiration and expiration capacity of the patient during lung function test and also for the exercise of the lungs / breathing exercise (inspiration)

Nasal Oxygen Cannula

  • Nasal Oxygen Cannula is used for efficient administration of oxygen for greater comfort of patient.
  • Twin Nasal Tips provide maximum freedom to the patient and leaves the mouth free.
  • Nasal Tips ensures equal volume of oxygen to both air passage.
  • Manufactured from soft non toxic, medical grade PVC Compound.
  • Multichannel tube ensure regular supply of oxygen if tube is accidently kinked.
  • Proximal end of tube provided with connecter for easy connection with oxygen source.