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Foley Catheter

SILKYGOLD is a Urinary tract Catheter used for short or long term Urine drainage has following features :

 Optimal eyes :- Smooth, optimal eyes ensuring atraumatic introduction ana effective drainage.

 Strang drainage funnel :- Kink resistance and provides best connection to drainage bag.

 Pressure resistant balloon :- Easily inflated or deflated for maximum patient safety.

 Large drainage lumen :- For fast and effective drainage. Round channel that minimizes encrustation and clogging.

 Inflation valve :- Choice of hard or soft valve. Ensure balloon is inflated Hard when in use.

 Siliconized Catheters :- Silicone fluid surface results in smooth finish for easy passage through the urethral meatus. Ideal for short-term use.

 Reinforced catheter shaft :- Prevents collapse and for effective suctioning.meatus. Ideal for short-term use.

FR Colour Code FR Colour Code
6 Brown 8 Black
10 Grey 12 White
14 green 16 Orange
18 Red 20 Yellow
22 Violet 24 Blue
26 Pink 28 Brown
30 Black

- Sterile, Individually packed in peelable blister pack
- Box of 10; Master Cartoon of 500
- Gross weight: 15.300kg
Size in FG Balloon Capacity Size in FG Balloon Capacity
6 3cc 16, 18, 20. 24&26 30cc - 50cc 12-24 15ml, 15-30ml
08-10 3cc - 5cc    
12-14 5cc - 15cc    
16-26 30cc - 50cc